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Production of Crushing Process

Based on the above damage, people generally hold a view on cement concrete pavement, and believe that it is difficult to repair or rebuild after damage. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The rigidity of cement pavement is large and it is troublesome to handle;
2. The repair process is complicated and expensive;
3. Asphalt layer is added on the old road surface, if improper handling will cause reflection cracks;
4. It is difficult to find its potential hidden dangers before damage.Therefore, the application of cement concrete pavement on high-grade highways is becoming less and less.

Treatment of damaged roads

According to the different degrees of damage to the concrete pavement and the condition of the roadbed, different pavement repair methods can be used.

Mainly include: full-depth replacement, partial repair, functional asphalt overlay, etc., and directly adding a new surface layer on the old cement concrete pavement is an economical and quick transformation method.

The structural layer of the old pavement continues to function as the base layer of the new pavement. The additional pavement can be an asphalt concrete layer or a cement concrete layer.

Two traditional methods of changing cement concrete pavement to black

Rigid pavement (ie cement concrete pavement), as one of the two main forms of pavement structure, has an irreplaceable role. As long as the prevention and control work before damage can be properly handled, and the pavement that has already been damaged can be repaired in a timely and reasonable manner. Still has its special advantages.

Therefore, how to deal with the reflection cracks produced by the old cement concrete pavement is a very difficult problem, and the crushing process is gradually produced and developed under this situation.