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Definition and characteristics of crushing process

Principle of crushing process:

The old cement concrete pavement is broken by special equipment,so as to reduce or even eliminate the reflection cracks of the cement concrete slab to the new overlay.

The process of the crushing process:

Cement concrete slabs are broken into smaller fragments or particles to form a uniform structure layer,which is compacted and then added to effectively control the generation of reflective cracks.

Classification of crushing process:

According to the different damage characteristics,it can be divided into three types:shock fracture stability,fragmentation stability and petrification.

When reconstructing the old pavement,it is still necessary to carefully consider the similarities and differences between the old pavement and the conventional pavement structure,and choose the appropriate crushing process and different types of crushing equipment.

1.This technology is currently the most effective way to completely solve the problem of reflection cracks in cement pavement reconstruction

2.Good structural uniformity,fast construction speed,short reconstruction period,and low comprehensive cost

3.The crushed and compacted concrete road forms an embedded,tightly integrated,high-density material layer inside the concrete road,and the base structure has higher strength.

4.On-site regeneration,environmental protection and pollution-free,the broken pavement can be directly used as the base layer or subbase layer,which effectively saves the cost of roadbed materials and transportation costs.

5.The impact on traffic is small,and there is no need to completely enclosed traffic during construction,which has obvious economic and social benefits.

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