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Single hammer cement pavement crusher

The single-hammer crushing and tamping machine is a unique crushing and tamping equipment. It adopts dynamic technology and can replace the two working devices of crushing and tamping. It has a unique effect on cement pavement and various filling foundation tamping. It is especially suitable for crushing and compacting large-scale work foundations such as highways, railways, water conservancy, ports, airports, parking lots, and oil depots. It has the best compaction effect on the connecting parts of bridges and abutments. It can effectively solve the phenomenon of bridge head jumping.

This machine is a powerful equipment for crushing and tamping of basic engineering. It can be quickly and conveniently installed on excavators or loaders, and has good mobility, controllability and efficiency.

Performance parameter
Engine power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 162/2200
Driving speed (km/h) 0-8
Working speed (km/h) 0-2
Gradeability(%) 20
Maximum crushing width (mm) 2300
Minimum crushing width (mm) 750
Impact depth of crushing (mm) ≤350
Maximum compaction energy (KJ) 120/150
Crushing (tamping) frequency (t/min) 25-40