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Resonance Cement Pavement Crusher

The cement pavement resonance crusher breaks the old concrete pavement into uniform upper, small, and large mosaic pieces through resonance, and forms a new stable roadbed after rolling. Due to the short construction period of the process, the original pavement materials are completely recycled, there is no damage to the original road base, and the road renovation effect is good, so it has been widely used.

The machine adopts resonance technology to make the working frequency of the vibrating hammer close to the natural frequency of the cement road surface, stimulate resonance, and easily break the cement road surface. The working hammer is equipped with a special sensor to sense the vibration feedback of the road surface, and the computer automatically adjusts the vibration frequency, and causes the local area of the cement road under the hammer to resonate, so that the internal frictional resistance between the particles in the road surface is rapidly reduced and collapsed. At the same time, the size of crushed particles and the depth of crushing influence can be controlled. Its crushing thickness can reach up to 350mm. The resultant force of the impact of the working hammer on the ground is the front and the bottom, so that the cracks after vibration form an angle with the road surface. After compaction, the crushed stones can be tightly fitted with each other, maintaining the smoothness and compactness of the original roadbed. The degree of uniformity makes the gravel layer more stable, and completely eliminates reflection cracks and disease photocopying.

Performance parameter
Vibration frequency 30-50Hz
Vibration amplitude 10-30mm
Broken depth 350mm
One-time crushing width 150-300mm
Operating speed 0.6-3km/h
Walking speed 0-12km/h
Dimensions 8520×3070×3452