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LZS450 Asphalt Pavement Cold Recycling Machine

The LZS450 on-site cold recycling machine is an environmentally friendly and efficient road construction equipment designed and manufactured by our factory to adapt to the construction of urban and rural roads. While milling and crushing the old asphalt pavement, stabilizers (cement, lime, Water, etc.), in-situ mixing will form a new road base through shaping and compaction.

Features: It adopts high-power inter-cooled supercharged engine with high power reserve coefficient and strong power. The hydraulic system adopts international famous brand hydraulic pumps and motors. The sprinkling system is hydraulically driven, and the required sprinkling amount is controlled by a high-precision flow regulating valve. The micro-controller is used to precisely control the sprinkling amount according to the working speed of the mixing depth. The convenient "knock-in and knock-out" milling cutter head shortens the downtime for replacement.

Performance parameter
Mass (kg) 30000
Dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 8500×3140×3400
Minimum turning radius (mm) 7500
Maximum climbing ability (%) 45
Working speed (km/h) 0-2.7/0-10
Milling width (mm) 2400
Milling depth (mm) 400