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LZS600 Asphalt Pavement Cold Recycling Machine

The LZS600G on-site cold recycling machine is a high-productivity, multi-purpose construction machine. It can be used for milling and planing old asphalt concrete pavements based on water-stable base, two-ash gravel base, stabilized soil base, and the regeneration of old asphalt pavements after adding emulsified asphalt, water and other materials. It is also used for on-site mixing of the base and bottom stabilized soil of highways, urban and rural roads, airports, docks, parking lots and other projects.

This machine is powered by Cummins engine, and the working rotor is driven by mechanical (belt) transmission. The power transmission is 25% more efficient than hydraulic rotation. The belt drive prevents impact loads from being transmitted to the engine. Rotor speed, according to different load conditions, different speeds can be obtained by replacing the pulley. Steering modes include: front-wheel steering, crab steering, all-wheel steering, and rear-wheel steering, so it has good maneuverability. This machine has the function of automatic power distribution. When the milling resistance increases and the engine speed decreases, the micro-controller can adjust the power of the walking system to compensate the power of the milling system to ensure that the machine works at maximum efficiency and maximum productivity. The liquid spray metering system, the micro-controller can automatically adjust the spray amount according to the walking speed, milling depth and milling width, realize the precise measurement control of the spray amount, and meet the regeneration needs of the old asphalt road surface.

Performance parameter
Mass (kg) 30000
Dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 8500×3140×3400
Minimum turning radius (mm) 7500
Maximum climbing ability (%) 45
Working speed (km/h) 0-2.7/0-10
Milling width (mm) 2400
Milling depth (mm) 400