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Old asphalt pavement renovation solution

Asphalt concrete pavement is generally designed for 15 years, and usually the actual service life is only about 10 years. That is, every 10-15 years, the asphalt concrete pavement needs to be renovated. Therefore, how to dispose of tens of millions of tons of asphalt concrete pavement waste every year will become a problem that must be faced and solved. At the same time, the large amount of asphalt and stone needed to re-pave the asphalt concrete pavement will also face huge resource pressure. Therefore, the recycling of old asphalt mixture has become an important transformation method for saving, environmental protection and greening.

The company’s old asphalt pavement transformation solution is to use cold recycling machinery to break the old asphalt pavement materials on the spot, add appropriate asphalt and modified materials, and mix and compact. The original asphalt pavement materials (RAP) are all recycled to form The technology of building roads mainly with old pavement materials. There is great flexibility on the refurbished old asphalt pavement. It can not only be made into a pavement structure, but also a wear layer can be added on it, or used as the base layer of a newly constructed pavement.

Through repeated use of asphalt and stone, resources are maximized and environmental pollution is reduced. Judging from the current engineering practice, cold asphalt pavement recycling technology has obvious advantages in road recycling. The specific performance is: Compared with other traditional construction methods, the total investment can be saved by 40-50%; it is conducive to mechanized construction and can be Shortening the construction period is conducive to civilized construction; it can make full use of the old road asphalt, stone and other materials, eliminate the harm to environmental pollution, reduce the mining of new materials, and have major environmental protection benefits.

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On-site cold recycling machine is an efficient and multifunctional construction machine, mainly used for milling and planing old asphalt concrete pavement and milling and recycling of old asphalt pavement after adding recycled materials. It can also be used for on-site in-situ mixing of the stabilized soil at the base of the construction project.