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LZS1000 Asphalt Pavement Super Cold Recycling Machine

CZS1000 Asphalt Pavement Cold Recycling Machine is a new generation of intelligent, mechanical, super-powered cold recycling equipment developed for the regeneration and maintenance of hard lime-ash gravel or water-stable pavement. Fully meet the needs of high-hardness, large-depth lime-ash gravel, water-stable gravel, and asphalt pavement recycling operations.

The CZS1000 road surface cold recycler adopts an integral frame, four-wheel steering, and can realize a variety of steering methods;

The power adopts dual diesel engines, and the strong power of 1000 horsepower not only has excellent power performance, but also provides efficient and reliable guarantee for milling operations. At the same time, the machine integrates advanced power limit load control system, electro-hydraulic integrated control system, programmable controller, GPS remote management system, and internationally renowned brand hydraulic components, fully demonstrating its advancement and reliability.

Performance parameter
Mass (kg) 30000
Dimensions (length × width × height) (mm) 8500×3140×3400
Minimum turning radius (mm) 7500
Maximum climbing ability (%) 45
Working speed (km/h) 0-2.7/0-10
Milling width (mm) 2400
Milling depth (mm) 400
Main feature

★  The working device adopts mechanical + hydraulic transmission mode, and is equipped with electronic automatic leveling system and slope milling;

★  The control adopts a mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control system, which makes the driving control comfortable, light and flexible;

★  The intelligent spraying system can automatically adjust the spraying amount according to the regeneration operation speed, width and depth;

★  The programmable controller and the display can be used together to directly set various working parameters and monitor the working status of the whole machine;

★  GPS remote management system monitors the working conditions of the whole machine, fault diagnosis and maintenance guidance.