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Bridge expansion joint

After becoming the production base of the German Maurer Company in China in 1997, in 2007, it cooperated with the American Brown "TechStar" company to develop and produce earthquake-resistant hinged expansion joints. The two parties signed a long-term production cooperation agreement in 2008, and the company has also become the sole production and R&D center of American Brown "TechStar" company in China. Up to now, our company has processed and produced nearly 300,000 linear meters of bridge expansion joints.

The company digested and absorbed the technology of Brown "TechStar" company, and successfully developed the "Luxing" brand seismic expansion joint using flexible support and rotating shaft principle, which has been widely used in major bridges.

At the beginning of 2019, the company established a cooperative relationship with the US "IDI" company to further develop the application of the Brown family's shaft-type expansion joints.

The floating gear type large displacement bridge expansion device developed by the company has obtained a Chinese invention patent, and the biaxial multi-directional displacement comb-tooth plate type expansion device has obtained a Chinese utility model patent.

Bridge expansion joint(图1)