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High-speed hydraulic tamping machine

Hydraulic compaction machine is a unique compaction equipment that uses dynamic technology to fill the gap between traditional surface compaction technology and traditional dynamic compaction technology. This equipment has a unique effect on the compaction of fillers and foundations, and is especially suitable for compacting the foundations of large projects such as highways, railway subgrades, water conservancy, ports, airports, parking lots, and oil depots, as well as the compaction of environmentally friendly garbage and hazardous material landfills. It has the best compaction effect on the connecting parts of the bridge and abutment, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of jumping at the bridge head.

This machine is a powerful equipment for foundation engineering. It can be installed on excavators or loaders quickly and quickly. It has good maneuverability, controllability and high efficiency.

Performance parameter
unit HS60 HS50 HS40 HS35
Consolidate energy KJ 60 50 40 36
Tamping frequency Times/min 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40
Hammer foot diameter m 1.0(0.9) 1.0(0.9) 1.0(0.9) 1.0(0.9)
Overall quality kg 5000 5000 5000 4800
Dimensions mm 1320×1600×3400 1320×1600×3300 1320×1600×3500 1320×1600×3300
Main feature

1. The electronic device can select the working mode and compaction strength, and the monitoring system can record the operation, which is convenient for quality control and data collection.

2. The rammer implements compaction through a compaction plate with a cushion and static pressure on the ground. Compared with the traditional compaction technology, its peak force is small, the action time is long, and it has a soft effect and is not easy to cut the flow line of the fill layer. Outstanding features, and has the function of preventing dust and flying.

3. Installed on the excavator or loader, it can easily and quickly complete the transposition and transfer work, and can enter the narrow site.