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Cold Recycling Technology Process Flow of Old Asphalt Pavement

1.Investigate the structure of the old road and pave test roads to determine the depth to be regenerated and the amount of new aggregate added.The length should not be less than 200 meters.

2.Before cold recycling construction,the old road pavement should be cleaned up,and the obvious subsidence and potholes of the old road should be filled up.

3.Manual or mechanical paving additives(cement,lime,new aggregates,etc.),calculate the addition amount per square meter according to the designed addition amount.

4.The cold regenerator is working.During the construction process,the depth and speed should be checked at any time to ensure that the regeneration depth and the gradation of the crushed mixture are reasonable.

5.Use a bulldozer to level initially,and evenly discharge the pressure,and then use a grader to level it to the design height.

6.Detect the water content,replenish water if necessary to make it meet the optimal water content,and then roll the road surface to form a new road base.

7.Road grassroots health preservation.The regimen should be no less than 7 days,and traffic control should be implemented during the regimen.

8.Pave the surface layer and compact to form a new road surface.