Cement concrete pavement reconstruction equipment

Old asphalt pavement reconstruction equipment

Other equipment


Preparation before construction of resonance crushing

1. Investigation of construction pavement condition

1.1 investigate the pavement condition of the old pavement before resonance crushing. Including the performance of the original pavement subgrade, pavement parameters (such as width, thickness, concrete grade, etc.), and the condition of the base course under the panel (such as lime soil, lime fly ash macadam or water stabilized base course, etc.).

1.2 bridge envelope, underground pipe network, surrounding structures and facilities and conditions.

1.3 investigate the safety status of construction environment, traffic volume and vehicle type, so as to facilitate traffic control and guidance, clarify the surrounding safety interference factors, and facilitate control and protection.

1.4 water supply, oil supply conditions, equipment maintenance and storage place.

2. Traffic control

2.1 isolation of construction site and warning and guidance of construction vehicles.

2.2 guidance and warning of adjacent traffic vehicles.

3. Disposal of special sections

3.1 milling off the surface asphalt layer and cleaning up the local residual asphalt mixture.

3.2 fill the holes and partial defects along the road that affect the construction of crushed stone.

3.3 the local excavation or filling materials of the original pavement shall be cleaned and backfilled according to the design.

3.4 excavation and repair of the damaged part of the original subgrade.

3.5 drainage measures: shoulder drainage facilities are generally set according to the design.

4. Underground pipe network identification

4.1 check the condition and depth of underground pipe network in the construction section.

4.2 mark the position of pipe network under the road, and pay special attention to it during construction.

5. Rainproof measures

Rain proof measures shall be taken in rainy days to prevent rainwater infiltration, soaking, softening and damaging the pavement structure.

6. Preparation of equipment and facilities

6.1 resonance crushing and petrochemical construction generally requires the cooperation of complete sets of equipment, including sprinkler, resonance crusher and z-wheel vibratory roller. For particularly thick and hard pavement, it is also necessary to configure pre cracking equipment, such as road star large hammer integrated machine or road star micro cracking hammer.

6.2 test pit inspection tools and measuring tools, such as shovel, pickaxe, steel drill, sledgehammer, box ruler, steel ruler, etc.

6.3 asphalt or emulsified asphalt distributor and related equipment and facilities.

6.4 subsequent new pavement paving equipment and facilities