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16 Hammer Cement Pavement Crusher

The 16-hammer cement pavement crusher is a self-propelled pavement recycling special machine for crushing damaged old cement concrete pavements. It uses multiple hammers to crush the pavement and break the old cement concrete slabs into smaller particles. The particle size from top to bottom gradually increases, forming an inlaid and extruded structure. After rolling, a new pavement base structure is formed. It is suitable for the reconstruction and crushing construction of old cement concrete pavements such as highways, airports, squares, urban roads, etc.

This machine complies with the PS series green environmental protection standards of European and American emission regulations. The engine that achieves the perfect combination of high performance and low fuel consumption is safer and more efficient. Equipped with a cab, air conditioning and high-definition video monitoring system, it is comfortable to operate and has a broad vision.

Performance parameter
Work mass (kg) 34000
Engine manufacturer Cummins
Engine power/rated version 343/2100
Driving speed (km/h) 0-5.8
Working speed (km/h) 0-1.5
Gradeability(%) 20
Number of working hammers (pieces) 12
Number of wing hammers (a) 4
Maximum crushing width (mm) 4000
Minimum crushing width (mm) 690
Impact depth of crushing (mm) ≤280
Wheelbase (mm) 3640
Dimensions (length X width X height) (mm) 8700x4240x3200