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How to solve the problem of old cement road reconstruction with pavement resonance crusher

2022-01-27 09:25:58

How to solve the road problem of pavement resonance crusher? The following is the difference between Badger Breaker and resonance crusher!

The resonant crusher is mainly composed of three parts: computer terminal system, working hammer and vibrating beam. The working hammer head contacts the road surface and is equipped with a sensor. The computer terminal system senses the frequency of the hit object, sends this own frequency to the working hammer through a special sensor, and uses the vibration beam to drive the hammer head to vibrate, so that the vibration frequency of the hammer head is basically consistent with the frequency of the cement road panel, so as to achieve resonance and break the cement concrete road surface.

The core of the resonance crushing process is the resonance crusher. Compared with the ordinary hydraulic crushing hammer, its crushing hammer smashes the concrete in a high-frequency and low amplitude way. The vibration frequency is close to the natural frequency of the concrete, which stimulates the resonance in the local range of the concrete, rapidly reduces the internal friction resistance between the internal particles and collapses, and easily smashes the concrete surface. However, oblique cracks will appear in the concrete and extend to the boundary. Because the impact force is small, the crack only extends to the boundary, so it will not damage the subgrade.

How to solve the problem of old cement road reconstruction with pavement resonance crusher(图1)