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Technical requirements for pavement crushing in petrochemical construction

2022-01-24 11:59:41

1. The crushed stone shall break 75% of the concrete pavement into particles with the maximum size of 7.5cm on the surface and 38cm on the bottom.

2. Remove the original joint filler

3. All joint filling and expansion materials shall be removed before HMA is laid

4. Recess backfilling

5. Do not trim the broken concrete pavement or try to level the pavement to improve the alignment, otherwise the crushing effect will be damaged

6. Pavement maintenance after crushing

7. Except for the cross traffic that must be open, the broken concrete pavement shall not be open to traffic (including unnecessary construction transportation). If it is loose or unstable due to open traffic, it must be re compacted.

8. Surface construction

The thickness of crushed Petrochemical cover adopts AASHTO design scheme. The minimum photo thickness is required to be 15cm, and it is a dense graded structure.

9. Open traffic

The traffic shall be opened after the half width construction is completed.

Technical requirements for pavement crushing in petrochemical construction(图1)