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Construction skills of multi hammer cement pavement crusher

2022-01-21 11:53:23

Multi hammer crusher is a special machine for crushing and petrochemical technology of cement concrete pavement. After crushing the pavement, the crushing degree of the upper cement layer is higher than that of the bottom. Re rolling can effectively roll the upper part of the pavement and form an embedded structure between the lower particles. After paving a new surface layer, it can effectively strengthen the subgrade. What are the construction skills of multi hammer crusher?

From its name, it is not difficult to see that its hammers are not single, but paired, and double row and double group hammers. Moreover, the height of each team's hammer head can be adjusted separately, which can effectively crush the pavement. Then we remove the original joint filler and asphalt mixture before crushing the pavement. Select a small place for crushing test, and check whether the machine performance is normal. Before crushing, a road surface for vehicles to pass through shall be opened, because the vehicles on the crushed road surface cannot pass through, the crushing shall be carried out from the high to the low of the cement concrete road surface, the crushing width shall exceed one lane, and the crushing overlapping width shall be more than 15cm; To ensure the crushing quality of the overlapping part. For sections where multi hammer crusher cannot be used near culverts and other structures, when the original pavement is good, it can be paved directly, and the current open culvert can be changed into concealed culvert; Otherwise, the method of excavating and crushing the cement panel shall be adopted. During overlay, comprehensive treatment shall be carried out according to the treatment method of the front and rear original pavement. If the working surface is too small to meet the construction operation, lean concrete shall be used for treatment. After being crushed by multi hammer crusher, it shall be vibrated and compacted by Z-shaped roller for 2 to 3 times. Now many manufacturers do not directly buy other types of crushers such as multi Hammer Crushers, but rent them. Our factory specializes in renting multi Hammer Crushers. If you need to rent multi Hammer Crushers, you can contact us at any time!